September 1, 2023

Matterport Virtual Tour: How it works and why you need it

True or False:

The pandemic changed EVERYTHING! And I mean everything! If you answered false - please tell me what rock you've been living under!

But for the rest of us, even more of our world went online, including home buying. The real estate market went bonkers, and homes were flying of the (metaphorical) shelf! It became more important than ever for realtors to showcase their listings as accurately as possible. The big problem that remained was the absence of open houses and in-person showings.

Enter: Matterport. The safest way to allow potential buyers into a home, and give themselves a self-guided virtual tour, while never having to leave the comfort of their living room. However, now that we're slowly making our way back to normal, nearly 70% of sellers still say that having a virtual tour is now a necessity - but why?

First of all, what is Matterport?

Again, are you living under a rock? But seriously, if you've spent any time recreationally scrolling through, I'm sure you've seen one by now.

Basically, I have a special camera that takes 360 degree images, and the Matterport app and software stiches them together to create the virtual tour. I like to describe it as Google street view, but inside a home. The viewer can direct themselves, step by step, through a home - into every room, zoom in to every corner, view every angle - and "look around" for a 360 degree view.

Not only do you now have a walk-through tour, you also have:

A 3D Dollhouse view

This one is pretty cool. It allows you to see a 3d rendering of the home as if you are a giant, and this is your dollhouse! Spin it around to see it from every angle, and overall, get a great sense of the layout as you can see exactly where each room is in relation to the others. Like - there's the living room at the front of the house, the kitchen right next to it, and the primary bedroom upstairs directly above - cool! You can get a very clear picture of the whole home without ever setting foot inside.

Over head view

This is a bird's eye view of each floor of the home separately. This view shows each room, labeled, and you can even pull out your virtual measuring tape and take measurements, accurate within 1%. A schematic floor plan (kind of like a blue print) is also included in the virtual tour package, and includes all measurements and labels.

Walk-through view

And of course, the classic walk-through. In the video here, I'm showing how easy it is to click and drag for a 360 look around the room, and then click and walk yourself up the stairs to the second floor sitting room, and - ta-da! - those soaring 18 foot ceilings! A room that height can be difficult to capture, but Matterport does it perfectly!

Still not convinced?

As if you need MORE reasons to add a Matterport virtual tour to your listing photos, here's why I love it:

1. A virtual tour can showcase the best features of a home in a way that photos alone can't. You can give potential buyers a realistic and immersive experience of walking through the home, exploring every room, and seeing the details that make the home unique. Matterport is my favourite way to show off a home with a unique layout - such as the home shown above (three floors plus a basement, two beautiful spiral staircases, 18 foot ceiling, 4 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms). It can be hard to get a sense of the layout, and where each room is in relation to the others - Matterport solves that problem.

2. A virtual tour can attract more buyers and generate more leads. According to Matterport, homes with virtual tours get 49% more qualified leads than those without. A virtual tour can also increase the visibility of your listing on online platforms, as it can be easily shared on social media, websites, and email campaigns.

3. A virtual tour can save you time and money. You can reduce the number of physical showings and open houses, which can be costly and time-consuming. You can also pre-screen buyers and filter out those who are not serious or not interested in the home. This way, you can focus on the most qualified and motivated buyers who are ready to make an offer.

4. A virtual tour can help you stand out from the competition. By offering a virtual tour, you can show your clients that you are using the latest technology and marketing strategies to sell their home faster and for a higher price. You can also impress potential sellers/future clients who are looking for an agent who can provide them with the best service and exposure for their home.


Call me, add a virtual tour to your next photo session, and you will be!