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Preparing a Home To Be Photographed


  • Remove vehicles, trash cans, recycle bins, etc. from driveway and front of house.
  • Sweep/shovel driveway, walkways, porches, patios and decks.
  • Remove hoses, sprinklers, garden tools, children's/pet's toys.
  • Mow the lawn no earlier than 3 days prior to appointment; trim back shrubs/bushes from walkways and doors; remove weeds from flower beds and around shrubs/bushes; rake leaves.
  • If applicable, arrange any outdoor furniture; clean pool; turn on water features such as fountains or waterfalls.
  • If possible, avoid putting up real estate signage until after the photoshoot.


  • Turn on all lights – Turn off ceiling fans - moving fan blades blur in the photos. If applicable, turn on all electric fireplaces.
  • Replace any burnt out bulbs. Make sure all light fixtures have the proper type of bulbs - do not mix fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.
  • Open window coverings (curtains, drapes, sheers, blinds) to let in as much natural light as possible. Of course, if the view out a window isn't pleasing, leave those coverings semi/fully closed.
  • Eliminate as much clutter as possible, including children's toys, clothing, piles of newspapers/magazines, etc.
  • Remove toiletries and other personal items from bathroom counters; close toilet lids; remove/replace old or dirty towels, washcloths, etc.; remove all bottles and sponges/towels from showers with glass doors; clean mirrors and glass shower doors
  • Make all beds neatly (avoid wrinkles, lumps, etc.), clear dressers of personal items, and distracting items such as chargers and other unnecessary clutter.
  • In your office, stow or unplug dangling cables/wires; clear papers. Straighten up and/or remove items from bookcases.
  • In the kitchen, remove most, but not all, items from the counters. Items that can be left out might include: decorative canisters, a colorful bowl or platter, no more than one countertop appliance. You want it to be uncluttered, but not sterile. Items to remove or hide from view include: soap dispensers, dish towels, pet dishes, trash cans. Remove everything (magnets, pictures, calendars, etc.) from the outside of the refrigerator.